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Identifying true potential

Executive management recruitment has often sought to exclude rather than include, with the outdated concept of the black book representing an inner circle of  homogenous contacts. We understand that talent comes in many forms and we search beyond the established networks. Driving diversity underpins all that we do, our goal is to discover, engage and assess leaders whose values, ambition and experience match your needs and develop your culture.

Discovering who you need

Detailed briefings to understand you, your challenges, who you’re looking for and what their success looks like.

Finding them

National and international networks, an industry leading research team and compelling, cost effective, digital and social media campaigns.

Ensuring diversity

It’s what we do. Along with tracking, monitoring and comprehensive reports at each stage of the process.

Values matter

We search for people whose values and behaviours align with yours, and assess them on these, as well as the more traditional metrics.

Transparency throughout

Taking control and supporting you through the complexity of people-led processes, giving you full visibility at every step.

End-to-end assessment

Assessment tools at your disposal from the first search to the final interview.

Anderson Quigley | Executive Management Recruitment Agency in the UK | London UK

How we work

Partnerships drive us.  Everybody you work with at our executive management recruitment agency will take ownership for driving your project forward. We’ll always give fair, honest and objective advice both to you and the candidates we work with on your behalf. Above all, we want our partnership to help you build a better organisation, so we’re not afraid to challenge, question and push back to help you meet your objectives – especially when it comes to diversity.

Anderson Quigley | Executive Management Recruitment Agency in the UK | London UK

Different thinking

We’ll challenge you to take positive action – starting with thinking more creatively about your sources of talent. Experience tells us that people have so much more to offer than what’s on their CV. That’s why we work hard to identify, engage and secure candidates who will add to your culture as well as excel in their role.

Our recent placements

Just a few examples of organisations that we’ve helped to find inspirational talent.

Don’t just take our word for it

Our track record of testimonials is clear. Clients and candidates come back to us time and time again.

Wayne Campbell

University of York

Well informed, efficient and effective service. Did a superb job for us with the candidates, and we are really pleased with the outcome.

Mike Bishop

GP Care UK

I would have no hesitation in recommending Anderson Quigley. They worked hard to understand our business, our people and our values and challenged our thinking throughout the process. They cared about getting the right candidate for us.

Lorraine Westwood

Bangor University

Anderson Quigley provide a consistently high quality standard of service. They pay careful attention to the client needs and this is reflected in the relevance and quality of candidates.

Christine Fraser

Cardiff Metropolitan University

I have been very impressed by the professionalism of Anderson Quigley, their commitment to delivering a diverse group of candidates, and their good communications throughout the process.

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