10 February 2023

Tips for younger board members

AQ Partner Helene Usherwood is highly motivated to provide careers advice and guidance to individuals, especially to those who have not previously considered a non-executive opportunity before but whom have unique insights and skills to offer.

Perhaps you are considering your first Board role but feel you’ve not got the right – or enough – experience to take the first step. However, boards are increasingly recognising that age-related diversity is crucial to their future success. Bringing new perspectives, being more digitally aware, and being more representative of the largest part of the workforce and customer base means that you are acutely aware of the issues affecting key stakeholders for that organisation. In the public sector, Boards must be more representative of the communities they serve if they are to continuously improve and innovate.

Helene shares her 20+ years’ worth of insights into how younger people can secure their first Board role.

Click here to download Helene’s advice sheet, and if you’d like to discuss it further, please contact her at helene@andersonquigley.com or follow Helene on LinkedIn.