6 December 2023

Three ways to enhance your CV for the interim market

Sometimes, the interim market can be tough. It can be candidate rich and job poor. So, how do you stand out? How do you ensure you get the attention of people like me and/or the clients who are looking for talent to solve their headaches?

Here are a few pointers to help you enhance your CV for the interim market:

1. Swap your profile for a clear value proposition.

Profiles and professional summaries can be boring, and most lack impact. Put this section at the top of your CV and tell the reader exactly what you do. What problems do you solve? How will you add value to prospective employers? Keep this short but compelling, providing the reader with an immediate understanding of what you bring to the table. Create that light bulb moment in a client’s mind – it’s you they need!

2. Use quantifiable achievements to demonstrate your track record

This may be obvious to some, but I read so many CVs that still list responsibilities like a job description – this is no good. Instead, focus on quantifiable achievements. Use numbers, percentages, or other metrics to showcase the impact of your contributions. This not only adds credibility to your claims but also provides concrete evidence of your ability to drive results and backs up your value proposition.

3. Use results orientated language for impact

In addition to showing impact through metrics, opt for powerful action verbs to describe your responsibilities and achievements. Action verbs convey a sense of proactiveness and impact, making your CV more engaging and compelling. For example, accelerated, amplified, decreased, enhanced, overhauled, cultivated, diagnosed, yielded, you get the picture.

One for luck – update regularly. Treat your CV as a living document. Regularly update it to reflect your most recent experiences, skills, and achievements. I encourage my interim community to keep a master CV, an exclusive document meant for your eyes only. This comprehensive record serves as a foundation, allowing you to curate tailored versions for each assignment you pursue.

In my experience, clients are primarily concerned with one thing – your ability to solve their headaches.


Claire has supported the public sector for over 20 years, providing interim and consultancy solutions to universities, housing associations, local authorities and the NHS. Her speciality is connecting her clients with flexible talent that can help deliver sustainable change, shaping organisations for the future and improving financial and operational outcomes. Claire has built an impressive track record with public sector leaders and helped many organisations identify the right solution in time-critical situations.

Claire also has a passion for providing careers advice and guidance to individuals, especially to those who have not previously considered an interim career before, but whom have unique insights and skills to offer the interim market. Claire joined Anderson Quigley in December 2021 to focus on supporting higher education, healthcare and social housing with senior interim managers and consultancy solutions.

You can contact her at claire.carter@andersonquigley.com or connect with her on LinkedIn.

You can download a PDF version of this article here.