25 October 2023

The truth about working in Public Vs Private Higher Education (or how I learnt to thrive in diverse institutional cultures)

Why do academics so often struggle with transitioning from one type of Higher Education Institution to another, from post-92s to pre-92s or from public to private, and vice-versa?

Professor Victoria O’Donnell PFHEA contends that the differences between these institutions may not be as stark as they appear, and success often hinges on aligning personal values and motivations with the culture of the institution.

Anderson Quigley’s Senior Consultant Akhil Yerneni spoke with Victoria in a fascinating exploration of the commonalities in academic roles, the crucial balance between research and teaching, and the often-overlooked role of the private sector in shaping the future of Higher Education. Read Victoria’s compelling narrative that challenges preconceptions and provides valuable insights for academics embarking on their own diverse educational journeys here.