9 December 2021

How to encourage diversity in the workplace

In this recent publication with Grapevine Leaders, Nicki Pritchard discusses how organisations in the recruitment sector can build ED&I into their culture, and engage staff to ensure greater inclusion, employee satisfaction and talent attraction.

She says, “It’s important to view ED&I as a journey that is always evolving, we must continue to find new ways to reinforce our learnings and perspectives within the team culture. At Anderson Quigley, something we recently implemented to support our continued mission was an ED&I monthly newsletter. It’s an internal project that allows us to discuss different topics around diversity each month, whether that be legislation, the language we’re using, or lived experience stories. It’s incredibly valuable as a learning resource because it continually stimulates new conversation and enables us to ask questions in a safe space while also being something that staff can return to and reflect on in their own time.”

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