12 January 2024

Helping others to get hired could be your next job

Ed Pritchard spoke with The Times, sharing his perspective for those who are considering pursuing a career in the recruitment industry.

He said: “Recruiters get a bad rap. All sales, competition, cringey LinkedIn posts and bell-ringing. But my office is more library than sales floor. The key to a good recruiter’s success is a commitment to the sectors they support. A typical day is candidates, clients, my team and suppliers and back-to-back on calls and meetings. We run complex global headhunting and assessment processes that attract large pools of candidates, but only one person gets the job, so a lot of what I do is giving people bad news and explaining why and what it is they need to develop. It’s also a relationship game. In all your engagement with people, deploy gratitude, you never know when you’ll get that back, but you will do.”

You can read the full article here.