17 June 2024

Exploring the Relationship between Chairs and CEOs in Single and Multi Academy Trusts

An effective relationship between the Chair and CEO of a Single or Multi Academy Trust (SAT/MAT) is essential to the success of the Trust in supporting its young people thrive. This is why we are undertaking a new piece of research that looks at what makes for successful engagement between Chairs and CEOs of Trusts.

Our research seeks to identify the key factors that contribute to building a strong and positive relationship between Chairs and CEOs, including:

  • Identifying good practice: Highlighting instances that have proved effective in fostering a productive Chair and CEO working relationship.
  • Understanding challenges: Exploring the common obstacles faced by Chairs and CEOs and how they can be overcome.
  • Providing recommendations: Identifying ‘what works’ and codifying this in the form of practical advice, guidance and frameworks.

The research will be based on qualitative and quantitative data, and will involve:

  • A survey: in the form of two questionnaires, one aimed at CEOs and the other at Chairs of SATs and MATs, to identify the common themes that sit behind identified good practice.
  • Online interviews: with Chairs and CEOs of a selection of SATs and MATs to explore these themes in more depth and gather insights first-hand.

The research will take place over the summer, with the results published in the autumn term, and aims to provide insights, case studies and recommendations that will help further inform school improvement.

We are seeking the involvement of Chairs and CEOs from Single Academy Trusts and Multi Academy Trusts to participate in our study. Your insights and experiences will be invaluable in helping us develop a common understanding of what makes for successful engagement in educational leadership. By contributing to our research, we hope to support you and the Trusts community at large to develop even more effective and robust governance strategies in the future.

Are you a Chair or CEO of a SAT/MAT?

If you are, we would really appreciate your contributions, either by completing the online survey or by arranging a short one-to-one discussion. If you have peers at other Trusts you feel could contribute to the research, we would also really appreciate you sharing the details with them. To take part, please email schools@andersonquigley.com with your name, job title and Trust name, or contact Hayley Mintern for more information.

We look forward to working with you on this important research!