1 July 2020

Our Commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

We have chosen to be quiet over the last few weeks because in truth, we have been reticent to take attention away from more important voices and importantly because we have been introspectively addressing our own commitments to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at AQ.

We have been asking ourselves, what is next after the black tiles, hashtags and social media furore? What is next after our company D&I training sessions? Anderson Quigley has a role in encouraging diversity in both our own and our clients’ organisations. We help build senior leadership teams and we have a responsibility now, more than ever, to encourage equality, diversity, and inclusion in all its forms.

Racism, Discrimination, Prejudice and Violence are antithetical to our company values. Despairingly, these barriers exist and they are real limiters to the existence and flourishment of all marginalised groups and right now we want to draw attention to the BLM movement, as it continues to positively speak loudly for change.

Many of us are unsure what to do with this awareness and how to direct it into effecting tangible change. The posts on social media, donating, peaceful protesting, re-educative and introspective conversations we are having right now are all helpful, however, it is clear to us that the key is to carry on examining ourselves and our practices and to take action.

To this end, we are laying out our intentions to assess, review and bolster our commitment to Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion in a meaningful and effective way. As we build on our plan, we will share more details, but for now, please accept our renewed pledge to be a part of the solution. Our support, as always, goes out to our clients and candidates. We stand with you to effect change.