18 April 2023

A Case Study on ED&I in Higher Education: Part Two

Akhil Yerneni is a Senior Consultant at Anderson Quigley, specialising in Higher Education leadership and executive recruitment. He worked with Mehrunnisa Lalani to secure her placement as an Interim Director of ED&I at the University of Manchester. In her role, Mehrunnisa led and facilitated a cultural transformation of ED&I within the University by developing a cohesive strategic approach to ED&I.

This is part two of a three-part conversation where Mehrunnisa and Akhil discuss race, ED&I and the University of Manchester. In this section they explore how institutions can show their commitment to ED&I, how to attract and retain diverse talent and the necessary skillsets to be a successful ED&I practitioner.

You can read part two here. Please click here for part one and part three.

To learn more about what an ED&I Director can do for your organisation, or if you are an ED&I Director looking for your next role, contact Akhil at akhil@andersonquigley.com.