18 April 2023

A Case Study on ED&I in Higher Education: Part One

Akhil Yerneni is a Senior Consultant at Anderson Quigley, specialising in Higher Education leadership and executive recruitment. He worked with Mehrunnisa Lalani to secure her placement as an Interim Director of ED&I at the University of Manchester. In her role, Mehrunnisa led and facilitated a cultural transformation of ED&I within the University by developing a cohesive strategic approach to ED&I.

This is part one of a three-part conversation where Mehrunnisa and Akhil discuss race, ED&I and her time at the University of Manchester. In this section they explore how organisations can be anti-racist, the pandemic’s impact on practicing ED&I in Higher Education and the government’s Race and Ethnic Disparities report.

You can read part one of the case study here. Please click here for part two and part three.

To learn more about what an ED&I Director can do for your organisation, or if you are an ED&I Director looking for your next role, contact Akhil at akhil@andersonquigley.com.