Anderson Quigley



As a business created to support clients and candidates in the public sector, a deep belief in equality, diversity and inclusion is at the heart of our values. We see our role as seeking out talent in all its forms, whatever they might be, and identifying true potential. We take it as our duty to always be actively challenging assumptions about what outstanding talent looks like.

We know we have an important role to play in promoting equality, diversity and inclusion and we take this responsibility seriously. As a client of AQ, you will be challenged by our team to take positive action in recruitment processes, and we ask our clients to be true partners with us as we seek to improve the diversity of senior leadership teams. We pledge to be a part of the solution and to affect change.

Headhunting has often sought to exclude rather than include – the outdated concept of the headhunter’s little black book, typically representing an inner circle of well-known homogeneous contacts being the obvious example. We are working on a range of initiatives that move beyond recruitment process and focus on addressing systemic issues in executive recruitment. The aim is to position AQ as an inclusive company, one that the broadest range of candidates will feel comfortable engaging with and one that will recognise the qualities and abilities of people who may not have followed a typical career path or may not ‘look like’ the typical candidate.

Our EDI strategy

AQ’s EDI strategy forms part of our overall business strategy and is constantly evolving as we learn and develop; it is continually scrutinised to ensure it is fit for purpose as our company grows. Diversity is a core AQ value and is integral to our business culture; we have an inclusive and supportive culture and want to continually empower our team to develop, to bring their whole selves to work and ultimately to become better at what we do, individually and collectively. We work in the public sector and we take a huge amount of pride in this; our team are passionate about and committed to the sectors they work in.

Our EDI strategy encompasses the following areas:

  • Leadership & Culture: Strong senior leadership support and a commitment that EDI is embedded into our wider business strategy and direction.  EDI is not a bolt on project. An AQ board member takes overall accountability for EDI and is our company lead with a focus on development and team inclusion.
  • Training & Development: We are committed to educating and training our team from basic legislative and unconscious bias training to all team and 1:1 mentoring where staff can work on individual objectives right for their role in a safe and confidential environment; we believe this supports greater learning leaps. We want to cultivate a growth mindset among our team.
  • Partnerships: We work with and seek out organisations and networks to ensure we are supporting greater diversity for our clients and candidates in our working practices.  Both our internal and external partnerships enable us to learn more and ultimately to provide our clients with expert advice and guidance.
  • Communication: We are committed to openness and strong communication to our team, our clients and our candidates about the EDI work we are doing. Importantly, we acknowledge that we are on a journey and we may not always have the answers, however we are committed to affect change.

Inclusive Culture Pledge 2021

In 2021 as part of our continued commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, we have joined leading companies from a range of sectors and industries in signing the Inclusive Culture Pledge, an initiative managed by diversity consultancy The EW Group.

Joining the Pledge is a public commitment that we take diversity and inclusion seriously and that we understand the need to provide our employees with a safe, fair and supportive place to work.  Throughout the year we will have the support of the EW Group, a specialist in diversity and inclusion training, to receive specialist support in the following areas: bespoke training to deepen our individual and collective understanding of ED&I and participation in round table events to support our continued development and to highlight learning needs.

Our Pledge:

“In 2021 we will build an inclusive culture by committing to ongoing staff training to deepen our understanding of ED&I.  We will actively seek out diverse networks to ensure our pool of potential candidates has even greater diversity. We will commit to updating our own internal recruitment practices to ensure a diverse workforce for the benefit of our candidates, our clients and our team.”

The Inclusive Pledge is an initiative that supports our company values and we know that the learnings we will take from the events and training over the next year will continue to build our knowledge base, ensuring we work at the cutting edge of diversity and inclusion.  We want to be accountable, to be part of the solution and to help affect change in our society.

For more information on the Inclusive Pledge click here.  As we take the learnings and turn these into action plans we will share more.