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Institute of Advanced Legal Studies Appointment

Institute of Advanced Legal Studies Appointment

Posted on 13 March 2019

Professor Carl Stychin has been appointed Director of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies and Professor of Law.

Professor Stychin, who has an international reputation for his research on the legal construction and regulation of sexual and gender identities, said he is very excited at the prospect of leading IALS and joining the School of Advanced Study, “The IALS is a remarkable institution not least because of its dedicated and talented staff. It is deeply humbling for me to reflect upon the list of outstanding Directors who have served the Institute so well over seven decades. The current transformation project will ensure that the IALS continues to make an outstanding national and international contribution to legal research. It is my privilege to be entrusted with the stewardship of such a vital organisation. I also look forward to contributing to the continued excellence of the School of Advanced Study of which the Institute forms such an important part”.

“I am delighted to welcome Professor Carl Stychin to the School of Advanced Study and look forward to working with him in years to come,” said Professor Rick Rylance, Dean of the School of Advanced Study. “Carl brings a range of international and national experience and a clarity of vision that will enhance the already considerable achievements at IALS. He is a great appointment.”

Ed Pritchard led the global executive search exercise for Anderson Quigley: “This was a high profile search exercise in the legal academic community, IALS is held in such high regard, all eyes were on the appointment. We captured a global field so I’m delighted for Carl who I know is relishing the challenge.”