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What we do

At Anderson Quigley, we build better organisations by providing industry-leading senior recruitment and people advisory services.

Our delivery systems are defined by a focus on diversity and service integrity. Our model ensures that clients and candidates deal directly with senior partners.

Ultimately, our business is designed to absorb the pressure of complex people processes for you, while ensuring that you remain in complete control.

Executive Search and Selection

Anderson Quigley doesn’t just fill vacancies, we build better organisations and set up life-changing careers. Our partners are among the highest profile experts in their fields in the UK and they leverage that experience on your behalf, delivering expert executive search combining decades of experience, cultural understanding, rigorous analysis and genuine senior project ownership.

Challenging our clients to take positive action to promote diverse appointments and think more creatively about sources of talent, we know that people are so much more than just their skills on the page. We work hard to identify, engage and secure people who will add to organisational culture and excel in their role.

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Interim Management

The legacy benefits from an expert interim manager and consultant, whether recruited to oversee a critical project or temporarily fill an essential management position, can be substantial.

That’s why we draw on our extensive and diverse pool of cross sector and pre-selected interim leaders to secure our clients a choice of talent to fill critical gaps, quickly. Our senior team has a proven track record of introducing experienced interim managers who push through major initiatives and deliver sustained impact.

Critical to our success has been the importance we give to candidate care. In delivering through our primary values of integrity, diversity and hands-on project ownership, Anderson Quigley guarantees candidates the highest levels of service as well as efficient assignment management.

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Our drive to build better organisations and life-changing careers requires an approach that goes beyond search and interim services. Our clients and candidates want more and Anderson Quigley has responded by delivering a suite of people assessment and developmental services:

Career Transition Support

Our clients are responsible employers, keen to provide support to staff exiting their organisations.  Our senior partners, professional career coaches and chartered occupational psychologists deliver a series of structured sessions and tests to provide the necessary practical and emotional support to help staff transition and orient themselves as they re-enter the job market.

Leadership Assessment

Anderson Quigley provides a range of leadership assessment tools delivered by chartered occupational psychologists. Through a combination of tests, interviews and reports we measure and uncover personality, preferred work behaviours, leadership style, conflict style, values, drivers, emotional intelligence, critical thinking and ability.

The Anderson Quigley Network

Whether new in role or not, few people are the finished professional and everyone needs a critical friend. The Anderson Quigley Network is a support network of high profile industry leaders – no consultants, no corporate lingo – so you can get advice from those who have actually been there and done it.

Our network was created to help organisations build capacity in their leaders as they on-board to a new role or respond to critical change. Combining the professional experience of our network with our occupational psychologists, Anderson Quigley will prepare your leaders for the demands of your organisation’s future.

Internal Assessment

We offer fair, objective assessment support on internal recruitment exercises. We work with organisations undergoing internal change and restructures, providing advice on job design and structure before delivering a robust assessment programme. We provide a developmental process for all candidates, ensuring a fair outcome and protecting the client in what can be emotional circumstances.

Governance and Board Diagnostics

Anderson Quigley delivers diagnostic reviews through interviews and surveys to audit structure, culture, skills gaps and decision making efficacy at board level.

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