Appointment of the Head of Allied Health and Public Health

University of East London


Dear Candidate,

Thank you for your interest in our Head of Department role at University of East London (UEL). We are the most socially inclusive and representative university in the UK, providing life-changing education to students from the London Borough of Newham, the UK, the Commonwealth and beyond. This year sees the 125th anniversary of its founding as the ‘people’s university’, proud to continue pioneering futures, now for the 4th and 5th industrial revolution.

Our Stratford Health Campus is home to our state-of-the-art Hospital and Primary Care Training Hub. Recently visited by His Majesty King Charles III as part of our anniversary celebrations, the multi-million-pound facility is a European first in end-to-end healthcare education, demonstrating cutting-edge, innovative inter-professional practice and simulation technologies to enhance careers-1st learning, to tackle health inequalities, and to supply the healthcare sector with practice-ready professionals.

Aside from our cutting-edge facilities, students can gain valuable experience working across a range of specialisms with industry leading organisations such as West Ham United Foundation as well as pioneering NHS trusts and partners such as Bart’s Health, Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals, North East London Foundation Trust, Great Ormond Street Hospital and HCA Healthcare, and many more across London and beyond.

We are now at an important point in our development, seeking to recruit to the Head of Deparment, Allied Health & Public Health (AQ1753) in the School of Health, Sport & Bioscience.

Ambitious for our future and that of our students, now is an exciting time to join an enthusiastic team of academics who can shape and influence the future across multiple disciplines.

Our Vision 2028 has been developed to transform our curriculum, pedagogy, research impact and partnerships to make a positive difference to student, graduate, and community success.

I hope you find the following information of interest and that you will seriously consider becoming a part of our team at UEL. We want individuals to help our achieve our ambitious but achievable goal to become the leading careers-focused, enterprising university in the UK, one which both prepares our students for the jobs of the future and provides the innovation to drive that future sustainably and inclusively.

Robert Waterson
Dean School of Health, Sport & Bioscience

About the university

Over 25,000 students are enrolled at UEL and partner institutions. Nearly 18,000 of those study at UEL.

We have 1,476 core staff, 608 of which are academic, and 868 of which are support staff (including research staff).

Our income for the year 2020/2021 was £174.8 million. Tuition fees and education contracts remain our largest source of income; the largest area of growth came from international students, mainly in the School of Business and Law, but our Home and EU student income has also increased, alongside the income we receive from research grants and contracts, which currently stands at £2.2 million.

Vision 2028

Vision 2028 is our ambitious 10-year strategy to reinvent the University and reimagine the role of higher education. Our Vision places UEL at the forefront of careers-led education, providing students with a springboard for the jobs and opportunities of the future.

It aims to drive diversity in the 4.0 talent pipeline to give graduates the skills, tools, and competencies sought by employers and entrepreneurs in a rapidly changing world, particularly following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our priorities remain resolute in our mission: driving career-ready student inclusion, and increasing our reputation for the benefit of our alumni and the social impact of the University.


Future professional

Employer-led careers zones

We are proud to announce ground-breaking collaborations with world-leading companies to drive graduate-level careers and fulfil rewarding life goals.


Education 4.0

Implementing cloud technologies to improve performance, generate cost savings, and provide an outstanding learning experience for students.

Future Graduate

Maximising mental wealth

The world of work is changing and so are our degrees. We are developing professional fitness to accelerate employment readiness for a 4.0 and 5.0 economy.

Future Life

Innovation Pioneers

Our academics are pioneers of new thinking that impact people and the planet. Their knowledge advances practice, policy, and well-being in every community we serve.


Digital First

Developing digital fluency throughout the University, creating learning experiences and spaces that meet the needs of future students, employers, and entrepreneurs.

Connected Campus 

We are globally connected with educators, industry, and communities to pioneer futures for a 4.0 economy and inclusive society.

Health Gain 

We believe in health, physical activity, and sport for all. We have an elite athlete zone and are the London Talent Hub for Basketball England.

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

We are committed to realising an inclusive environment and are one of only 12 universities in the UK with the Race Equality Charter.


In Year 3/4 of Vision 2028, we continued to be tested by the global pandemic and since then have taken decisive action to advance our education and research impact, while responding dynamically in constantly changing circumstances.

Our multi-layered Covid response system kept our community safe, our Dual Delivery framework engaged students to ever-higher levels and our series of wellbeing initiatives provided intellectual, emotional and physical support during a historically difficult time. We also took the opportunity to explore new themes.

In Year 3 of Vision 2028 we moved forward with the following strategies:

  • Becoming a leader in the local and global climate change conversation and a net-zero carbon institution.
  • Supporting the health and well-being of students, staff, and the local community with care, compassion, and commitment.
  • Harnessing the power of sport to transform lives individually, locally, and nationally.
  • This year we also celebrated the launch of our multi-million-pound Connected Campus improvement programme, designed to increase the accessibility of our campuses to our community and to enhance the education and industry interface.

Now, as we continue to focus on Year 4 of Vision 2028, our careers-first vision has remained constant. We empower our learners, build industry 5.0 career-readiness, and nurture an inclusive industry-facing environment that is central to the creation of a more diverse talent pipeline.

Pioneering futures

Pioneering futures since 1898

The University of East London has been pioneering futures since 1898: from the 2nd industrial revolution through to the 4th and 5th industrial revolutions. Our mission is to become the UK’s leading careers-first institution, working with industry partners to blur the line between the worlds of study and work.

Located in one of the world’s most multicultural areas, our 25,000 students are a microcosm of creative diversity, representing 156 different nationalities. With London campuses in Stratford and in Royal Albert Dock, the University is at the heart of the industrial and creative shift east and is committed to supporting East London.

In every industrial revolution, sections of society can be excluded and left behind. Our Vision 2028 strategy ensures we equip our diverse graduates with the skills, competencies, social capital, and networks to not only have access to but to flourish and thrive in a changing economy and society.

We are leading the way in education through our Dual Delivery model which gives students the opportunity to study virtually and in person. Our sector-leading ‘Mental Wealth and Professional Fitness’ modules are embedded into every level of every degree in the University. Students are equipped with enterprising skills such as design thinking, market research, and problem-solving, which are designed to meet the needs of industry now and in the future.

Our vision is to become the leading careers-first university in the UK. But our strategic priorities also include a commitment to becoming a net-zero carbon institution by 2030 and harnessing the power of sport to transform lives individually, locally, and nationally.

We are working alongside blue-chip partners like Siemens to evolve a smart campus strategy and build our growing reputation as a player in a global network of higher education institutions and thinkers who will produce sustainability solutions.

Our Global Sports Strategy aims to transform lives through sport at elite and grass-roots levels, as well as to partner with local, regional, and international organisations to champion inclusion, health gain, and belonging.

Hospital and Primary Care Training Hub

Welcome to our Hospital and Primary Care Training Hub

The Hospital & Primary Care Training Hub is a European first in end-to-end simulated health and social care practice. The Hub utilises cutting-edge, innovative, interprofessional practice and technologies to enhance the career-focused learning of students in the School of Health, Sport & Bioscience at the University of East London.

Through our engagement with the NHS and local communities, the Hub also works to tackle the health inequalities evidenced in the communities we serve.

Intensive Care Ward

This ward uniquely simulates a fully operational intensive care unit. All procedures can be administered on 2 Laerdal SimMan 3G Plus manikins – some of the most lifelike physical simulators worldwide – and which UEL is the first university in Europe to procure and utilise. Oxford Medical Simulation have partnered with the University to deliver leading virtual simulation which will be experienced in Virtual Reality for this demonstration, showcasing the innovative and inclusive approach to practice learning at the University, ensuring learners are taught how to make effective clinical decisions in a safe environment.

Community Flat

This space was developed to ensure teaching focussed on not just acute healthcare, but care which takes place in the homes of our community. This enables multi-professional simulation spanning from the home to acute care. During the official opening of the Hospital and Primary Care Training Hub the community flat was used to showcase the BabyDev Lab.

BabyDev Lab

The BabyDev lab is located in Newham, East London, which is the most ethnically and linguistically diverse area of the UK. Our research, funded by the European Research Council, Economic and Social Research Council, Medical Research Council and others, focuses on developing innovative new techniques, including infant-wearable stress monitors, cameras, microphones, and brain recordings, to understand how early environments affect development. Through this, we can develop new techniques to optimise learning outcomes for all children and to identify and protect vulnerable children early on.

Accident and Emergency Department

The A&E department was developed to enable UEL to be the first University with a fully functioning A&E clinical setting which enables learners to practice complex scenarios in a safe environment. The ward incorporates the use of Augmented and Virtual Reality to enhance the learning environment of all University of East London health students. To complete the authentic Accident & Emergency environment, we have an ambulance outside. This gives all learners from any field or discipline the opportunity to see how an ambulance works, how an ambulance operates and how you can transport patients safely.

Accident and Emergency Triage Ward

In addition to the Accident and Emergency department, there is a linked triage ward which enables students to simulate the complete patient journey from arriving in A&E to being triaged ahead of admission into the simulated hospital. This space can be utilised as 1 large triage room or separated into 2 simulation suites, utilising side rooms and SMOTs camera technology, installed in every bed space.

Multi-Professional Healthcare Ward

This ward provides a unique educational approach to the development of interprofessional practice for a rapidly changing health care environment. Physiotherapy, nursing, podiatry, sports therapy, occupational therapy and physician associate students and apprentices learn and practice the art of clinical decision making in busy, diverse scenarios and focus on how the education they are receiving helps to tackle health inequalities in East London and globally.

Multi-Disciplinary Teaching Spaces

There are 2 multi-disciplinary teaching spaces, located within the Hospital and Primary Care Training Hub. These spaces are multi-disciplinary by design, allowing them to be used by all health students delivering skills sessions up until advanced simulated learning.

Boardroom Career Zone

Our career zone can be used as a boardroom for meetings with senior
stakeholders, however it’s more important for us to be used as a space for our learners to develop their skills by watching their filming back and by having specialists, experts present around the world via the technology we have in this space. Using our digital-first approach, we can have an international reach via seminars and other learning activities.

The role

Head of Department for Allied Health and Public Health (AQ1753)

Apply now

Job Title: Head of Department for Allied Health and Public Health
Grade: Competitive
School: Health, Sport and Bioscience
Responsible to: Dean of School for Health, Sports and Bioscience
Responsible for: Providing academic leadership and management for nursing and allied health staff and programmes within the Department.
Liaison with: Dean of School, Heads of Department, academic staff, Programme Leaders, Module Leaders, Registrar, NHS partners and professional statutory and regulatory bodies.


The University of East London has been pioneering futures since 1898: from the 2nd Industrial Revolution through to where we are now, the 4th. We are a careers-led university, dedicated to supporting our students to develop the skills, emotional intelligence and creativity needed to thrive in a constantly changing world.

Vision 2028 has been developed to transform our curriculum, pedagogy, research impact and partnerships to make a positive difference to student, graduate and community success. Our ambitious but achievable goal is to become the leading careers-focused, enterprising university in the UK, one which both prepares our students for the jobs of the future and provides the innovation to drive that future sustainably and inclusively.


The school of Health, Sport & Bioscience currently has 4 departments with a range of professional programmes. The main departments are:

  • Allied Health and Public Health
  • Nursing
  • Sport
  • Bioscience

The range of departments highlights the range of courses on offer within the School and we are proud to work collaboratively with our NHS partners to look at new ways of working. Due to this the school is one of the leading organisations for developing courses that lead to new roles in healthcare, including the nursing associate role and deployment. The school is growing currently and has recently grown with the development of Occupational Therapy, Advanced Clinical Practice and Physicians Associate as well as bespoke CPD programmes.

Within the past few years, the University has significantly invested in the new Hospital and Primary Care Training Hub. The Hospital & Primary Care Training Hub is a European first in end-to-end simulated health and social care practice. The Hub utilises cutting-edge, innovative, interprofessional practice and technologies to enhance the career-focused learning of students in the School of Health, Sport & Bioscience at the University of East London.  Through our engagement with the NHS and local communities, the Hub also works to tackle the health inequalities evidenced in the communities we serve.


The Department of Allied and Public Health is based at our Stratford campus which houses the Hospital & Primary Care Training Hub. The department is an expanding and thriving one which is home to around 900 students and has an employability led agenda.

The staff within the department have a diverse range of research interests and we are currently building and solidifying the research layer attracting a large number of PGR students. The allied health cluster contains allied health professional courses regulated by the Health and Care professions council. UEL was the first HEI in England to offer Physiotherapy as a degree course and has subsequently been involved in the education of Physiotherapists for over 35 years. We currently run both Undergraduate and apprenticeship courses in Occupational therapy, Physiotherapy, and Podiatry and are planning on bringing in dietetics to further strengthen the departments AHP offering.

The Public health cluster contains postgraduate, undergraduate and apprenticeships in Public Health. The courses are mapped to public Health knowledge and skills framework as well as UKPHR.


To be responsible to the Dean of School for leading the development and delivery of the allied health and public health courses and associated growth and diversity for the department as highlighted in the strategic academic portfolio for the school.

To maintain, support and grow the collaboration with NHS/Local authority partner organizations.  The post holder will establish, develop and maintain recognition of the School as a Centre of excellence in allied health and public health. This will be through effective partnership working with local health and social care providers, regulatory bodies, local schools and further education colleges and peers within the higher education sector.  The post holder will also make a significant contribution to the strategy for the school.

The UEL student body is rich in its diversity; students are drawn from a wide range of backgrounds and age groups.  We are committed to delivering a contemporary, evidence-based curriculum, underpinned by innovative and engaging teaching and learning approaches which supports and develops students in their academic achievement, professional ambition and graduate employability.

To enable this, we are looking for an outstanding allied health/public health professional/academic who can inspire and motivate both colleagues and students through their knowledge, experience, values and attitudes and who demonstrates a strong commitment to achieving excellent outcomes for students on these courses.


  • Be responsible for development, delivery and management of the allied health and public health provision within the University including simulated learning to ensure it is innovative, research led/focused and meets the HCPC standards for pre-registration allied health education and NHS partner/employer needs.
  • Develop and maintain effective relationships with the professional body and regulators.
  • Ensure that all stakeholders including service users/carers’ NHS partners/employers and students are involved as partners in the co-creation of the allied health and public health curriculum development, delivery and assessment to ensure delivery of compassionate, person centered care.
  • With the lead for practice-based learning, ensure that placement learning is robust and meets professional and employment requirements for all students.
  • With the lead for simulation, develop innovative approaches to clinical skills teaching and simulated learning that promotes safe, high quality, compassionate care that is person centered and meets professional and employer requirements for students. This will include cross school activity for inter-professional learning that contributes to allied health and health care.
  • Ensure that recruitment and selection targets for allied health and public health are met effectively in line with courses and University targets and incorporate value-based recruitment for the department.
  • Contribute to the development and promotion of the University’s Learning, Teaching and Assessment (LT&A) strategy and associated policy through the allied health and public health portfolio to ensure effective progression, achievement and graduate employability for students.
  • Ensure that the importance of the student experience including student support and pastoral care is made explicit in all developments and provision, whilst monitoring student experience to ensure it is being delivered effectively.
  • Lead on employability aspects of the allied health and public health courses through partnership working with academics within nursing and across the School and external partners/stakeholders.
  • Facilitate the development of an effective team for allied health and public health through staff development and peer review that meets personal and professional ambition and organizational objectives.
  • Participate as a member of the School’s senior management team in operational planning and review, research and development, business and enterprise and all aspects of quality assurance and monitoring.
  • Manage the budget and resources set for the course area, monitoring and authorizing expenditure within School and UEL financial regulations as determined by the Dean of School.
  • Manage and lead a group of academic staff including conduct, performance and absence.
  • Support the Dean of School as required in the development and implementation of academic, strategic and operational policies.
  • Maintain own academic profile through research, scholarship, consultation and publications.
  • Any other duties appropriate to the role, as designated by the Dean of School.



Education, qualifications and achievements

Essential criteria

  • First Degree in Allied Health or Public Health. (A/C)

Desirable criteria

  • Current HCPC Registration. (A/C)
  • PhD/professional doctorate and/or professional qualifications and relevant experience which reflect the nature of the appointment and/or evidence of scholarship in the form of recent publications. (C)
  • Fellowship of the HEA. (C)

Knowledge and experience

Essential criteria

  • Detailed understanding of contemporary aspects of health and social care practice at regional and national level including workforce commissioning plus evidence of partnership working with health employers and care sector. (A/I)
  • Evidence of leadership and management of programme team(s) in higher education including extensive experience of: curriculum development and management of programmes relevant to the department; development of simulated learning for healthcare professionals; placement learning for allied health and public health programmes, including audit and risk management. (A/I)
  • Experience of validation, quality assurance and review with professional bodies and employers within the NHS and wider health care sector. (A/I)

Desirable criteria

  • A track record of working with external partners. (A/C)

Skills and abilities

Essential criteria

  • Ability to engage in strategic planning. (A/I)
  • Excellent organisational, communication and interpersonal skills. (I)
  • Ability to work and deliver against deadlines. (I)
  • Ability to motivate, mentor and support others. (I)

Desirable criteria

  • A track record of successful research and/or professional practice and consultancy. (A)

Other essential criteria

  • Commitment to and understanding of equal opportunities issues within a diverse and multicultural environment (I)

Criteria tested by Key

A = Application form
C = Certification
I = Interview
P = Presentation
R = Research papers
T = Test

Terms of appointment

Our benefits include:

  • 34% pension (11% from you, 23% from us).
  • 30 days holiday plus bank holidays.
  • Hybrid working (minimum of three days on campus), and we’re open to looking at flexible hours.
  • We have a shared success bonus of £4,250 pa.
  • Three times base salary life assurance.
  • A cashback healthcare scheme.
  • 25% discount via O2 Open.
  • Childcare voucher scheme.
  • Generous discounts on a wide range of items; technology products (inc Apple and Samsung), holidays, clothing, fitness, lifestyle, dining out and weekly shopping.

How to apply

Anderson Quigley is acting as an advisor to the University, an executive search process is being carried out by Anderson Quigley in addition to the public advertisement.

The closing date for applications is noon on Monday 05 June 2023. Please apply using the ‘Apply’ button in the roles section above.

AQ Reference:

AQ 1753 (Head of Allied Health and Public Health)

Applications should consist of:

  • A full CV.
  • A covering letter (maximum of three pages) outlining how you meet the essential experience criteria of the person specification.
  • Please include details of two referees in either your CV or covering letter, though please note that we will not approach your referees without your prior consent and only should you be shortlisted.

Should you wish to discuss the role(s) in strict confidence, please contact Helene Usherwood on +44 (0)7719 322 669 or


Closing date: Monday 05 June